In the days of sailing ships, between the Cape of Good Hope and the East Indies, Mauritius was a salutary port of call for sailors in search of fresh water, fruit and rest on what was already then considered to be a paradise island. With the emergence of the South African and Indian economies, the increase in international exchanges and above all, the intrinsic benefits of Mauritius, the island is, nowadays, more than ever, the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean. Serviced by direct flights, 10 hours to Paris and 6 to Cape Town, the island continues to be the ‘enchantress’ on the route of all enterprising travelers.

Economic and cultural crossroads between three continents, member of the Commonwealth and Francophone nations, Mauritius is home to a population that has kept close ties with Europe, Africa and Asia. Bilingual, tolerant and dynamic, Mauritians form part of a democracy that has been stable for more than four decades, as well as being part of the most spectacular economic development on the African continent. Up-market tourism, the offshore financial sector, a freeport and the information and communication technology sector form the current pillars of this continuous ascent to economic prosperity.

Legislation linked to IRS* projects allows foreign nationals to purchase property easily and safely, as well as enabling buyers to obtain Mauritian residency. An advantageous fiscal policy**, a warm year-round tropical climate (particularly sunny and dry on the west coast), and close proximity to the sea, make Mauritius the ideal location for your home.

* Integrated Resort Schemes.
** Low tax rates, no taxes on capital gains and dividends, and no inheritance tax, amongst others.